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Photos of the annual dolphin hunt that occurs until March in Japan. Though the dolphins evaded death for a record 20 days, two days ago 10 Risso dolphins were trapped and brutally slaughtered.

After the Academy-Award winning documentary The Cove was released, Taiji town began to tarp the area where dolphins were killed to prevent the slaughter from being recorded. The town then stated that it had discovered a new, more humane method of killing dolphins that ensured an immediate death. When this new method was captured on film by the conservation group Atlantic Blue, the resulting death struggles of the mammals revealed that it was anything but humane:

The live dolphins lying in the water are stabbed in the back of the head with a metal pole and the wound is then closed with a wooden stick in order to prevent the blood from spilling out and colouring the water red in the Cove. The main purpose of this method is to give the impression that the dolphins are being killed bloodlessly and therefore according to humane standards.

But their new pitch said the group, was solely “designed to combat global criticism of the annual dolphin killings.”

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